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24 kilometers after the Marmaris turnoff on the Mugla-Marmaris road the road turns right and six kilometres later takes you to another spot. This is the Camli Iskelesi (Wharf). From here you can get by boat to Sedir Island. This island is the site of the ancient city of Cedreae (Kedrai), famous for its Cleopatra Beach. The ancient city was surrounded by walls, some of which, along with towers, can be seen today on the coastline. Other ancient city constructions that survived to our days are the Temple of ApolIon, the theatre, the remains of a necropolis and the ruins of agora.
There is a legend telling that Cleopatra, having been inspired by Sedir's golden sand beaches, brought the golden sand from Egypt by ships to the island where she used to meet her lover, the Roman general Marc Antony. The sand found on the northern part of the island, consisting of special calcareous droplets, can not be found anywhere else on the Aegean and Mediterranean shores, but only on Sedir and Crete islands. Unfortunately, this sand was stolen.

Nevertheless the golden sand of the Cleopatra Beach and the various beautiful tones of the sea continue to attract the visitors to Sedir Island.

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