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Regions - KUMLUBUK


Kumlubuk, a turquoise paradise, lies on the southern side of the bay. There is a scenic 6 km long dirt road from Turunc to Kumlubuk starting from behind the Turunc Hotel. The village is also reachable by boat from Marmaris.

Kumlubuk boasts a large beach which is one of the best in the area, nearby fish restaurants and Dutch Ahmet's place.

The entire peninsula is a living museum, providing an insight into life in rural Turkey much as it was fifty to one hundred years ago. On the northern side of the peninsula, above the water, stands the ancient Rhodian city of Amos. Natural quiet bays and scattered islands punctuate the northern shore of peninsula, ideal for those who want to get away from it all.You could spare one of your evenings of mornings to walk to the city of Amos, which is one hour on foot from Turunc and half an hour from Kumlubuk. Amos was one of the more important ancient cities of its time, though today little remains.

On the narrow and long flat space on the hill top above the gravel beach between Hisar Burnu (Fortress Point) and Kumubuk, you will see the theatre and the city walls. The necropolis of the ancient city is leaning on the hillside above the small cove to the north. However, you will be more impressed by the stunning view below you rather than the ruins.

You can find every kind of facilities for holiday here. A pebbly beach meets the sea like the others. If you open your eyes under the sea, you can see long distances. Kumlubuk is surrounded by mountains. There is a hidden cave in these mountains. It's supposed to be a-5000-year old. The cave, having the stalactite and stalagmite drops, is not allowed to visit yet. The road leading the cave is hardly to find. By the help of an inhabitant from the village, you may get to the way of the cave. After that you have to climb up for a while. The entrance is rather narrow and small. Inside the cave high interlaced galleries are deserved to be seen.

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