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Surrounded on three sides by the sea, Datca is another corner of paradise where the mediterranean embraces the Aegean.

The area dazzles the eyes with its peerless natural beauty, extremely clean seawater and virgin coves. Half of the Datca peninsula, defined by Strabon, the geographical scientist, with the words "God will send his beloved to Datca, if he wants to grant a long life", faces the Aegean sea, while the other half faces the Mediterranean.

In addition to all the beauty of the peninsula the cradle of one of the oldest selttements of the Aegean Region, it also addresses those interested in history with the antique city of Knidos located nearby. Among the ruins in the ancient Knidos city situated on Tekir Burnu (Cape Tekir) 28 kilometers away from Datca, there is a small theater with the seating capacity for 10 thousand spectators, the large theater for 20 thousand spectators, as well as various temples of Odeon, Apollo and Venus.

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