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Dalyan is nestled inbetween montains, next to a river, huge lake and right by the sea. With its peculiar geographic and economic charateristic and with its flora and fauna, Dalyan is different from the region. Dalyan village is based on a river, surrounded by lush green fields breaking into spectacular mountain ranges. On the opposite side of the river is the ancient city of Caunos that is debatably the second greatest archaeological site in Turkey. Only 10% of the city has been unearthed and every year more and more treasures are discovered.

The area around Dalyan has some of the widest variety of wildlife to be found in Turkey, including some species of birds not found elsewhere in the world. The Dalyan village is located across a natural fresh water channel connecting Lake Köycegiz to the Mediterranean Sea through a 10 km labyrinth intensively innabited with reeds. Dalyan natural fresh water channel features rare ecological characteristics such as the dens and high reeds finering the water, some 150 bird species nesting among the reeds, Amber Orientalis trees, sponge varieties, hundreds of fresh water fish species, various butterflies and plants and the endangered species of Caretta Caretta Tortoises which are under strict conservation. Dalyan is an ideal vacational resort for nature lovers for it has a mystical and attractive atmosphere.

There is a lot to do and explore in this vast country and no where is a better base than Dalyan. We have trekking, jeep safaris, white water rafting, mountain biking, canyoning, sea kayaking, enduro motocross riding, paragliding, diving, horse riding, sea fishing, snorkeling, boat tours along the coast and across the lake, and many more sedantry things such as shopping in local markets, turkish massages and simply lying on the most fabulous beach in Turkey. (Take a breath!) Enough for all ages, simgles, groups, and all families to want to stay here for a month. We offer these tours in one week packages, or you can individually book all the separate tours as daily exc

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